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Headsets Inc ANR Upgrade


Wed 19 September 2007

Start looking at the ANR upgrades, the starting donor headset. Mono 13.4 DCs - very comfortable, but no ANR.
Gel ear pads removed, inserts out, foam support out. That leaves a couple of screws holding the speaker assembly.
The DC speakers are all screw terminals.
The mic boom / ear cup.
The AL clips used to prevent the cable pulling out required cutters and were tougher than I expected.
The new ANR parts - pink confa for, dual speaker module and felt cover.
All the parts laid out.
The RHS speaker assembly with top band cable.

Thu 20 September 2007

More soldering / joining the vaious parts - pretty simple just follow the instructions.
Close up of the main module, ground, power and signal goes to each side, the mic is just connected directly as before.
Then cram the pink foam in and use the double sided tape to keep the modules in.
Everything back together and cable guides re-installed.
The resulting headset (with battery box)

Thu 18 October 2007

During the flying down south I had some problems with the mono position on the new ANR modules. Did some digging and found a couple of try solder joints in the switch unit. Simple once I found it.
Carl Morgan