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Mon 08 December 2003

The empty shed ready for the kits to be delivered. Dad has done a mammoth job of clearing and preparing the space.
The 3 quick build crates arriving in Cromwell. Total weight of 700+ kg.

Then the first major problem of the project - this was the fuselage shipping create as it arrived. As you can see it is missing an end. Not sure yet of the implications / damage, but obviously lots of paper work......
The next challenge was getting the 5m wide crate down the drive and into the shed. The delivery driver was really careful and managed to get it to the shed without further damage to the crate.

The next risk was the crate packing falling apart and damaging the fuselage. It was therefore unpacked in short order.

The fuselage is absolutely jammed packed with all the bits.
Minus the packing and all safe and sound in the shed. The first IOU for a flight - thanks for the help Cliff. All looks OK at first glance.

Carl Morgan