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Thu 01 January 2004

Spent the day inventorying the little paper brown bags with all the additional parts. Also resolved the some of the discrepancies between the packing list and what we had already been identified.
Finished result of the bag inventorying, all now stacked in boxes ready for use.
Completed the inventory process, all 700+ parts shipped first time and all present and correct. The VANs guys really do this part of the shipping really well. The print-out could be improved with the different sub kits and having electronic versions would be great, but that is a pipe dream as far as I can tell. 
Spent the rest of the day packing all the various bits onto the various shelves, racks, boxes etc that I could find. Trying to split things into Empennage, Fuselage, Firewall forward, 'Systems' and flight controls. Also tried to keep track of roughly where all the bits went.
Carl Morgan