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Thu 08 January 2004

This morning I found out how to efficiently debur skins and internal structures to my satisfaction. Easy once you know how, but took a bit of trail and error. Generally speaking I use a traditional file for the parallel flanges of the spars and then use the die grinder with a small scotchbrite wheel on all edges. The finish generally seems pretty good but I'm also using some fine grade sand paper to just smooth things off where needed. Quite a production line going after a while.

Finished deburing and cleaning up all the edges on all the VS parts including the skin. These parts are now ready for priming so this is the first group of 'bits' for the pile.

Deburred and smoothed all the edges of the HS parts excluding the skins. Also sanded down the front HS reinforcement bars ready for bending - really pleased with the finish.
Laid out all the rudder parts and studied the drawing. Worked out three pieces had to be fabricated from stock material and the reinforcement plates are in a brown paper bag (not in the general pre-punch metals bits).
These are the stiffeners that are used in the rudder. They come in 8 double length pieces that have to be 'snipped' into 16 stifferners.
This is the after photo, 9 out of the 16 have also been finished for the long tapered edge. Time for some rest. I'll finish the remaining pieces tomorrow.
Carl Morgan