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Mon 12 January 2004

Finished cleaning up all the edges, deburing the holes and finishing the HS skins. HS ready for priming, added the parts to the pile. 
Second task for the day was to cut the stiffeners for the rudder. Using the powered band saw seemed like a good way of cutting them to length, so I lined them up and set the machine going. However it tended to grab at the end of the cut and damaged a couple of longer stiffeners.
Luckily it was the first batch, so I made the damaged ones shorter and cut the second batch by hand. A much better solution. After that they all had to be marked, sanded, profiled and cleco'd out on the skins.
The cleco'd skins being match drilled to #40. All completed quite quickly.
The rest of the day / early evening we spent working through the internal structures for the rudder, deburing, sanding, drilling etc the various components. No other work on the skins completed - that is for tomorrow, otherwise a good progress today considering a later start than normal.
Lots of thought and emails back and forward to the various email lists. Thanks to Jim, Dan and Robberta for providing information. Looks like our fuselage might be about between 5/16 and 7/16 too small. Not sure of the path forward yet.
Carl Morgan