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Sun 18 January 2004

We spent most of the day constructing the wing cradle. The initial plan was to construct as per VANs plans with a solid end guide. However cutting and fitting the wings leading edge with enough clearance for padding was proving difficult.
Therefore we went to plan B and used the wing tips as a guide for the leading edge. This allowed the bottom support to be enlarged and we changed the support structure to use web straps
Whilst Dad was working on the wing cradle, I got started with the Duckworks leading edge lights. We have two, one for each wing. I spent a couple of hours deburing, smoothing and edging all the various parts.
The completed wing stands. The spar is supported at the far end and the leading edge of the second rib is supported at the other. The web strap provide good even support for the aerofoil edge.
The finished wing cradle, simple but effective. Took significantly longer than we expected.
All the paper templates were copied and strengthened with card. Then cut to the appropriate sizes and shapes.
The template location was measured carefully. Cutting into the pristine completed leading edge is rather daunting.
Right wing light location all masked up ready for cutting. A job for tomorrow after some sleep.
Carl Morgan