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Mon 19 January 2004

The first item of the day was to cut into the leading edge of the right wing and then shape the hole to the template. The initial cut was done with a sabre saw which gave this type of hole. I'm sure with more practice I could be more accurate, but I was being cautious. The second phase of shaping I used a rotary burr in a die grinder. This is a fairly vicious tool for removing material but seems to work quite well.

I then moved onto doing the same on the left wing.

Same deal as the right wing for the duckworks lights hole. Use the template (the other way up), measure carefully and tape down for marking.
Drill into the leading edge (I used a unibit) so that the blade can start vertically.
CAREFULLY cut the hole out leaving about 1/8" of metal.
This is as far as I got today. The wing needs to be turned over to complete the cut and Dad had to go out this evening.
The last couple of days have been a bit slower in progress, partly because we are working out / researching the new structure and partly because a few other things have been needed to be sorted. For example, today I spent about 3 hours time investigating local Kiwi suppliers for aviation things. One outfit in Auckland looks promising so I've given them a list of things to quote on. 
Carl Morgan