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Thu 22 January 2004

Today I focused on the push rods. This is a V block gig that helps centre the tubular stock with the drill.
To start with I did the two main wing rods. Cut them to length on the powered hack saw, and then processed them the same as the elevator rods.
Next up were the elevator push rods as I was in the grove of drilling push rod ends.

The process I used for all the rod ends was:

  • Mark out a circular pattern with the correct spacing.
  • Use the centre drill to locate the various points to be drilled.
  • Mark one point at the right depth on the plug part

  • Pilot drill the locating hole through the stock

  • Continue with the pilot drill to align everything.

  • Then use the #30 for the final hole.
  • At this point a solid AD4 rivet can be used to locate everything and I just taped it on whilst,
  • I went round all the other locations, piloting and drilling out.

The whole process started settling into a nice steady rhythm. Finally I uniquely marked the ends (so that you can put the bits back together again in the right orientation) and deburred and tidied ready for priming, more for the pile.....
Also did some cleanup, deburring and smoothing of the wing brace supports and a couple of other pre-punched items that weren't already done. Not a bad day, but still moving fairly slowly.
Carl Morgan