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Wed 28 January 2004

Dad spent the day working with the airflow fuel pump and its mountings.
Also the covers and plates were put through the normal processes, smoothing, drilling, deburing, dimpling.....
The bends for the first section of tubing are 'interesting', considering this is the first use of the pipe bender it is even more so....
It all came out well in the end, even with a few challenges with the pipe cutter and flaring tool. The bends makes it too tight to use the tools so you have to open the shape back up a little. Then the trick is to not work harden the soft AL tube. Slow progress for half a days work, but we are still learning new techniques so hopefully things will speed up as time progresses.
I spent the day continuing with the seat backs. They look pretty simple but with no pre-punched holes and being fairly visible I took my time marking up and drilling. The rivet fan (received yesterday from Avery) makes things a little easier.
After centering the upper piano hingeand cleco'ing, the other holes were easy to sort. Everything is being drilled as #40 at this point.
The vertical angle down the left and right sides of the seats has to be rebated for one side of the floor piano hinge. I went a bit high tech (probably more so than needed) and used a rotary burr and a cross slide in the pillar drill to end up with nice neat, square rebates. Took a bit of extra time, but pleased with the results.
The fully drilled seat backs, with hinge mounts attached. Next stage is to drill out to #30 on the remaining cross members.
The end view of the lower left corner of the left hand side seat. You can see the interface between the angle, skin and hinge.
A shot of the seats cleco'd together laid out in the plane. A 20 minute distraction at the end of the day, and No I didn't sit in it and make aeroplane noises (I'll wait for things to be riveted together first....)
Received the TruTrak autopilot pitch and bank servos from the USA today. The install kits looks good and should be simple to install. 
Carl Morgan