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Thu 29 January 2004

I started the day finishing of the deburing and cleaning up the seat components.
The bits were then added to the pile for priming. This is getting quite large now, it includes all the empennage plus other prep'd parts.

Basically I'm still undecided on the 'best' method of priming. The options range from doing it all our selves to using the local professionals that I am interested in doing the final external paint job. Or something in between, lots of options, all of them cost money. We are starting to get to a point where I will need to make a decision so that we can progress.

I then started on the wing braces. These supports run along the trailing edge of the wings and provide additional strength to the flap and aileron mountings. Some trimming is needed although I got a nice surprise when I found most of the edge cleanup work had been done previously.
Next up was mounting the braces and match drilling the parts to the wings. This is the flap brace for the right wing.
Left wing flap brace. Note the temporary packing of the scrap hinge piano for spacing.
Right wing aileron brace match drilling.
Left wing aileron brace match drilling.
Assembled (with cleco's) the aileron attach brackets. Needed some additional clean up of the angle sections.
This shows the interference between the inboard aileron mount and a rivet on the upper skin of the existing QB wing. The sanding wheel soon fixed it and a file and scotchbrite finished it properly.
Then it is a dis-assemble, debur all the holes, smooth and finish. Then I returned the braces and aileron mounts to the wings for cleco'ing so we had the wing trailing edge structure all together.
Dad also did some more work on the Airflow pump setup tonight although the fuel valve end of the lines will have to wait.
I have purchased an AndAir fuel valve (from VANs) which is a really nice fuel selector, however the common port is a male connection (versus the female coupling with the standard VANs valve) which means we are going to need to think more closely about the connections. The inbound ports are also more difficult to route.
We finished the evening back with the right hand wing. We also got down the aileron and flap and hopefully I'll be able to fathom the mounting mechanisms tomorrow.
I also got confirmation the Aircraft Spruce order for various bits (including the pitot) was shipped today, so should be with us (via airmail) beginning of next week. 
Carl Morgan