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Mon 02 February 2004

In the post today I got the 'lectric Bob's AeroElectric Connection publication. Looks really good and larger than I expected. This seems to be the bible for modern aeroelectric design. More bed time reading....... 
This morning we went on a mini-shopping run. Got protective gloves, masks etc for the prep & priming functions. Also got a cleaning product designed for AL (AllSol) which sounds like it is the right local stuff (MEK type equivalent). Not really plane 'building' time but needed never the less. 
Dad started the LHS wing lower skin. The outboard rib had a funny 'flute' going the wrong way. Even the QB guys can get it wrong occasionally.
Skin cleco'd up ready for drilling. Dad had to leave early so only limited progress.
I spent the afternoon designing and building a frame for holding parts for spraying. It has a piece of rabbit fence across the front and is designed to stand almost upright.
The finished product. The reason it is on the trailer is we can then move the parts from the spraying area out into the sun for drying easily (also undercover if it looks like rain - but we don't get much of that here generally).
I also made a load of these little hooks to hang the various parts on.
The probable first priming batch. Lots of stiffeners (rudder and elevator) plus aileron attach brackets and a few other bits.... Hopefully tomorrow.
Carl Morgan