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Wed 04 February 2004

The first job of the day was to sort the funny shaped hole for the pitot mount. I started by using the hole drills to get points at both ends of the shape.
Then it was "scary tool #2" - the rotary burr. This got the shape pretty close.
Then it was back to the old fashioned file and scotchbrite pads.
The finished product ended up really neat and tidy. More parts for the priming pile.
Then I riveted the nutplates onto the pitot mount.
The FIRST completed sub-assembly of the project, not quite the normal VANs order but never mind....
Next I riveted the Horz Stab central bearing, this is normally the first assembly to be built.
I found the AD4-5 rivets suggested too small and used AD4-6 for 4 of the 6 holes.
Next up was the aileron mount brackets. What I hadn't worked out was some of the rivet should be AN426's (countersunk) so I ended up having to drill after priming.
The brackets cleco'd ready for riveting (the rivets are top left of the drawing).
The riveting needed the longeron yoke to get the maximum travel for the AD4-11 length rivets.
The finished brackets ready for the wing trailing edge.
Meanwhile during the day Dad deburred and sorted the RHS lower skin.
We also completed the dimpling of the lower skin and finished the edges.
The skin and pitot mount cleco'd back onto the wing structure for safe storage.
Carl Morgan