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Fri 13 February 2004

Dad started early cleaning some more of the parts for priming.
I then started the etching process. This is all a little early for me.... not a morning person.
Parts on the frame ready for priming.
Priming the remaining RHS parts. The technique is slowly being refined. By end of the day I might know roughly what I'm meant to do.....
Then we went up the roads to the professionals to collect the sprayed parts.
The finish is really good. They used a etch and two part proxy primer. The finish is smooth, hard, even and very light.
Then it was back home to the left hand side parts. Normal deal degrease, etch and prime with rattle cans.
Whilst cleaning I realised the aft spar for the elevator trim hadn't been countersunk so I fixed that.
The spars and long parts ready to prime.
Dad did most of the afternoon spraying as we were beginning to run short on rattle cans.
All the primed parts ready for assembly. To this point we used 5 rattle cans (400g each). Today has been a really successful day and we are ready to start assembly tomorrow.
Carl Morgan