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Mon 08 March 2004

A late start as some house keeping tasks had to be completed this morning. First task was to finish spraying the bench legs.
This is the hinge on the elevator for the trim tab (inboard end) - it is too short. Therefore I'll need to order some addition P2 hinge before we can complete the left elevator.
I then went onto the aileron bell cranks in the wings. The right hand wing is also is the location we are installing the TruTrak servo.
The aileron push rods need a couple more spacer. Normal drill cut and sand.
The left hand wing is easy, the jig spacer provided gives a good starting position for the bellcrank in the 'neutral' position and it is just a set the push rod and tighten.
The TruTrak servo connects directly to the bell crank. The drilling is simple enough - 2" from the main pivot point.
The completed sub assembly. The brass bushing seems extremely tights so that will need more work and I've got an email to the lists asking about the washer lay out.
The completed assembly. All looks OK just the brass bushing to be sorted.
Carl Morgan