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Fri 19 March 2004

Dad spent the morning sorting some of the misc brackets for the cockpit. The Z section in the centre is a neat solution to the problem and very strong.
Combination of band saw, filing and normal finishing methods.
Meanwhile I continued with the flap assembly. I re-made the angle bracket to hold the flap motor, be careful of which end / side the mounting tab should be (don't ask me how I know....)
Drilled the plastic blocks with #10 holes.
And then mounted everything up. The lineup looks good and provides the foundation for the flap covers.
The top plate for the flap front cover to the cockpit brace has to be fabricated and bent to 181.7 degrees - yeah right. I made a template and cut / filed it out. Then the sheet in the bending brake and got something close to 180 degrees.
After pilot drilling to #40's the basic lineup looks a little tight. The flap brace is currently 'too long' so the holes need the be moved towards each other slightly. I'll wait for final drilling for the new fuselage.
Wrapping up the day I also sorted the two large angle brackets that go under the canopy hoop. Another bit ready for priming.
Other news today, the new fuselage is in the country, however due to various reasons it has been delayed in bonded customs storage for the past week. Very frustrating but hopefully by mid next week we should have it. Next question will be any damage?? Also confirmed shipping of the harnesses and supplementary order from VANs (including Angle of Attack system) should be here next week sometime. Christmas this year must be the last week in March! 
Carl Morgan