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Sat 20 March 2004

Dad continued with the Z brackets for the elevator push rod cover.
The top sheet was template drilled ready for match drilling with the new fuselage.
Then it was onto canopy frame brackets, lots of 100 (ish) degree angles needed.
I continued with the seat back supports, these shims and angle form a slot for the rear of the seat.
Most of the parts are match drilled to the rear cockpit brace, however the AL angle is drilled from stock. Rivet fan was the easy option.
Another part to prep for spraying - the elevator bell crank. Small shim needed and the TruTrak push rod mounting location drilled.
Then I moved on to some of the misc angle brackets and upper aft channel for the canopy frame structure. Nothing difficult just working through the various parts needed. It all takes time and hopefully will make the actual final construction that be quicker.
The channel requires another 100 degree cut. I ended up using some wood as an internal support for the bandsaw which helped significantly.
Some of the parts that we have been making over the past few days. Doesn't look like that much but all in all reasonable progress.

Evening out with UK visitors.

Carl Morgan