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Mon 22 March 2004

Dad started by shaping the canopy frame ties. They need to be significantly bevelled to allow for the front & back frame to sit flat.
Dad then moved on to a more edging and smoothing, all rather boring but needs to be done at some point.
Also the fuselage was stripped down of all the previous bits of work we have done over the past few weeks. The new fuselage should be here mid week.
I continued with the canopy frame. First up was drilling the lower brace to the two rigged aft halves.
I found the right-angled extension worked quite well, but the work needed clamping very tightly.
The finished lower brace.
Then onto the upper locations. I took Dan C advise and went with 1.25" spacing again.
However I decided not to drill it be free hand again (I wasn't very pleased with the aft hoops) so Dad made a drill jig. This worked really well at providing a constant 3/8" up from the front face.
Then the upper brace was drilled. I struggled to keep stop it riding up but lots of clamping and taking it slowly, it came out OK.
The next step is joining the halves together. I started finding some spacers and blocks for setting the finished size, but decided it was too late to start making real 'decisions'.
Other 'distractions' for the day, various shipping companies either need paper work filled in or payments made or whatever. If you are building in NZ - get yourself registered with Customs (Form 224) - it will save you hassle (don't ask me how I know....) 
Carl Morgan