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Sat 04 December 2004

Whilst Dad was busy with other things first thing I re-visited the forward canopy frame
One of the 'optional' modifications is the bracing structures to increase the rigidity of the tip-up frame particularly for wind protection when it is up.

Basically it consists of three strengtheners which need bends being set on all the tabs.

This is done with a simple wooden block and some care.

The finished result ready for the next stage. One piece of advice is to ensure the edge clean up and debur is done before bending the tabs, just easier and simpler that way.
Then I knocked up a couple of wing support stands. Nothing clever, a couple of 2 1/4" flat bit hole in a piece of timber.
A protective rubber top and onto an car axle stand. Does the job nicely and help to provide 'roll' stability / safety whilst the wings are attached.
Then it was onto levelling the fuselage across its length and width.
One side need to be lifted slight, a hydraulic car jack took the load whilst packing was found.
Check and double check.
Then we had a look at the wing angle of incidence. Generally it is looking good but needs to come up a little at the rear.

Early finish, social evening.

Carl Morgan