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Wed 08 December 2004

I continued first thing with the tank attach brackets, a small crease in the steel is needed to get everything to sit nicely. Once bolted to the fuse I drew round the bracket onto the wing ready for marking and drilling when we next have the wing off.
Next was the wing root trim. Nothing to complex but I wanted to understand the layout of the holes and mark up the wing ready for the appropriate rivets to be drilled out and replaced with nutplates.
The leading edge needed some persuasion to form properly but it came out ok.
Next up were the flaps. Got them both down from storage and sorted some new piano hinge pins.
Then mounted the RHS aileron for alignment of the flap.
The short version is: both flaps were binding on the inboard edge against the fuselage.
and were not in trail / lined up with the aileron.
After (more than expected) filing and shaping the inboard upper skin of the flap, it could travel to the fully up position and also looks really good in trail with the aileron. It may need some more trimming for heat expansion / paint etc but I'll wait and see once I've got the flap system fully rigged.
Dad got a couple of hours this afternoon to start looking at the gear mount again. Making slow progress but things seem to be lining up well. Some of the weldment bolt holes need a little work but I'm sure he will sort it.
Obviously I had to do the LHS flap also, second one, as per usual was significantly fast as I had a good idea of what I was aiming for.
Then I started looking at the flap push rod cut out. This isn't a simple hole, but more of a shaped gap..... I started with a UniBit from the under side of the fuse.
Final step for today getting a push rod to about the right length and sorting a power source for the flap motor.

Early finish today, out socialising this evening.

Carl Morgan