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Tue 14 December 2004

Today I was on my own, so I looked at the nav / strobe lights with the wing tips
The base of the Whelen lights require something to screw into. One option is to put the nutplates directly in the fibre glass. However we decided a 'AL washer' would be a better solution. I knocked up a CAD diagram of what was needed and started with a couple of pieces of 032 AL sheet
The only method I had to create 1 5/16" was with a fly cutter. Worked OK on the AL, but not good for the fibre glass tips.
The rest of the shaping was OK.
I gave in and went a purchased a new hole saw (1 3/8") which made the right size main hole in the fibreglass tips.
To finish the shaping I used a rotary burr - this was all a bit new as I haven't worked on glass components before. It was actually easier than I thought.
Then the problems occurred - the plate wasn't really big enough for the nutplate mounts. I could of used one legged nutplates (but didn't have any) and decided the easier option was just to re-make the plate bigger.
All finished with nutplates installed ready to go. I also started looking at the tip plexi-glass covers which is tomorrows activity I think.
Carl Morgan