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Wed 15 December 2004

I spent the day with the wing tips. The first area was the lens. First step is to split the lens in two.
The angle die grinder worked well.
Then it was a trim along the bottom and then a simple trim at the back.
Then it was just a slow iterative process, of mark up, trim and re-fit.
The lens can move forward / back and finding the 'right' location is a bit tricky. I ended up sorting the front / side and then the top / bottom points.
Then it was more iterative work, this time with the sander - all came together OK, just slow.
Getting there.
Finished product, only the fixing options needed. I will probably go with a single screw top / bottom, but it may be better with a couple to reduce the stress in the corner of the lens.
Good news - one completed, next job the other side.
The second time was quicker, as I had some idea of what I was aiming at.
Same process, all came together eventually
Then I went onto fitting the tip to the wing.
First thing was to rebate the trailing edge, the iterative burr works on the fibre glass.
Then I realised that the step for the wing skin needed 'cleaning up'.
And the flange needs to be trimmed dramatically. I ended using the rasp file, which worked well if a little slow.
I manage to complete trimming of the LHS tip, tomorrow hopefully mounting it.
Dad was still working on the weldments, particularly the lower spar bolts.
Just to tidy the exposed steel, a little red-oxide primer was used.
Then Dad started looking at the empennage mounting
The first step was to start the line up. Out of the box the HS tips were very close to perfect when triangulated to the firewall edge.
After some investigation, one area that looks like a problem is the F-710 strengthening bars. The edge distance for the AN3 bolts looks like it is going to be very tight. An email to VANs has been sent......
Carl Morgan