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Thu 16 December 2004

I continued with the LHS wing tip mounting. Firstly more trimming was needed.
Dad continued with the HS mounting. First up we mounted and measured (and re-measured) the alignment.
In the end Dad pilot drilled the inboard locations to #30 off the fuselage.
And then used the angle drill to pilot the HS locations.
I worked up from the bottom (leading edge of the wing) back, top first, then the underside.
Dad supported the tip surface from inside
All mounted with #40s.
These were then opened up for the 3/16 bolts
I finished with the simple job of opening up the holes to #30s. The finished results looks ok although the LE join between the metal skin and 'glass tip will need some filler / work.
The end result looks OK. The edge distance looks tight but it should all pull up OK.
HS front spar drilled. Tomorrow get the incidence sorted and maybe the VS..... As per usual everything seems to take much longer than expected (wanted).
Carl Morgan