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Sat 18 December 2004

I was on my own today, and it was a short day so I fiddled with some of the fibre-glass tips
The HS tips needed a little triming, so that was sorted first up.
Then the elevator tips, these needed a lot of trim and the fit is quite tight, I suspect I will end up making the fit easier and then using micro-balloon filler to cover up the gaps / provide a nice smooth transition from metal to glass.
The major obsticle is the lead counter weight. If I had know (/ thought of) the tip fitting at the front, I would have notched the lead to provide space for the upper / lower tip surfaces. Oh well, I'm sure I'll come up with something.

Had another local builder visit which was interesting to find out what engine options / toys he is going with, rest of the day was helping in the garden again.........

Carl Morgan