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Mon 27 December 2004

I started with a little job of mounting the NACA vents
The only decision to make is how they are going to be mounted. One option is to just use Pro-seal (aka black-death) and 'glue' the plastic vent to the skin, however I think I prefer the option of using a few pop-rivets to locate and pro-seal to provide the air seal
Dad continued with the VS bulkhead / mounting.
As summer has decided to start today in Central Otago, we changed tacks and got a batch of priming sorted.
The bonus was I got to spend some time in the sunshine whilst scuffing / prep'ing the parts.
Dad did the AllSol cleaning.
and then I de-oxidined (acid clean / etch)
Drying in the sun is very quick, and the wire rack was still around stored at the back of the shed.
Then it was re-learning the spraying process. Generally got the swing of it quickly again.
Then back to the sunshine to bake off.....
To finish we went back to something we have been putting off for a while, elevator leading edge rolling.
We manage to sort one of the outboard ends, stilling having problems getting an even curve / bend. Will need to sort tomorrow so the HS / elevator pivots can be done.
Carl Morgan