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Sat 01 January 2005

Happy new year!

I spent today doing a little sub project, the electric aileron trim.

First up was finishing the pivot block, plastic so everything is drilled 'too large'.
Then remove the QB nutplates on the center ribs.
Match drill the new plate.
Bend and trim the bell crank.
Cross drill for the retaining cotter pin.
The completed sub assembly. The only problem was I didn't know what position the server was in. It has to be set to the 'mid' position before mounting.
Therefore I had to setup the LED display to find out what the servo position is. The only issue was the display is 10 bars, therefore the mid position is one of two locations. I ended up setting up the bias being for the P2 seat being empty therefore maybe a slight right wing down, might be in the noise, but as good a idea as any other.
Then it is mount everything up and eye ball all the lines. A mirror is needed for the servo / top of rib gap. The only problem was we don't have a #6 screw clearance (#28) right-angle drill. I used #30's and we can sort later.

All the parts were then dismantled ready for priming and final assembly.

Meanwhile Dad continued to fight with the gear weldments. The outboard bolts of the lower inboard brace wasn't seating properly, so we decided to grind a little material away to enable proper bedding down. Slow careful work.
Then a bit more 'red-oxide' primer / protection
Then the remaining gear bolts were sorted. A few washers were replaced with -L's to provide some thread through the nylock nuts but otherwise just awkward. Dad also made a useful low-profile 1/4" wrench. This could then be used with a spring balance to torque the AN4 bolts up to 60 ish inch-pounds.
Carl Morgan