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Tue 04 January 2005

Another day, another wheel pant. Basically, the left is the unmodified version, the middle is what we want, the right is the tools available.....
The cutting wheel is simple and quickest method to start with, then the rotary burr.
Then re-organise the LHS brackets and test fit.
The initial fitting looks OK, although we will wait until later for final fitting.
Dad did some trimming of the two steps of the aft lower corners
and then tidied with the angle grinder (and emery paper...)
Finishing the step mounting, the cross drilling was run through. All cleco'd together for the moment, ready for priming.
Then we took the legs off and put the fuse back down to a sensible level.
We only had a 'half' day today, so I finished off with drilling out some of the rear fuse rivets ready for mounting the pitch servo.
The mounting plate was back drilled. The only concern is the alignment of the push rod seems a little difficult, but at the moment I think it is a 'just follow the instructions....'
Carl Morgan