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Wed 05 January 2005

I started for the lower elevator push rod, we had worked out that we needed the maximum length possible, I worked out it was exactly what VANs specified as the 'normal' length - suprise suprise.....
I tightened the harness fixtures. These were a problem with the QB fuse and needed redoing.
I also removed the control column system and removed some of the binding locations.
I then moved on to the fuel system plumbing. An 'interesting' set of problems.....
After failing a few times (see right hand side :-) I manage to sort the first line from the valve to the filter inlet.
And got the remaining pipe work sorted comparatively quickly.
Then the modified base plate could be riveted to the cover panel
After a bit of manipulation everything fitted.
The final solution all looks good although only using bronze clecos rather than #8 screws for the moment.
Dad didn't get much time on the project today, but did manage to tweak some of the cover plate stand offs
and fitted them.
Carl Morgan