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Sun 16 January 2005

I continued with the RHS fuel line. After yesterday struggling to get the line in the next step was the forward bend to come up behind the selector valve. The first bend of the day failed and the bending spring didn't protect me against it going flat. Therefore it became scrap and I had to cut it all out and re-thread a new piece. Not a great start to the day!
Yesterday the threading of the fuel line for each side took about 4 hours, however practice does help! This time I did the inboard end first and then measured a suitable length to thread outward.
One other thing that helped was I started with a slight joggle on the outbound end. Then Dad fed the tube through and I manipulated tube between the weldment / skin gap. I'm not sure why, but we did this in about 3 mins - no joke! I think some of it comes down to confidence, the tube definitely work hardens so less manipulation is good news.
This all resulted in a neat solution for the RHS fuel line.
I re-confirmed everything fitted and than started looking at the brake line alignment.
The brake lines are generally easier as they are smaller, just feed the tail into the outboard side and route the lines forward.
We are using the brake valve option so I started making a new doubler plate.
The finished setup ready for flaring. I'm considering adding a plastic sleeve to protect the exit just below the heat box. More thought needed.
I also fabricated the angle support that provides the end stops.
Dad only had a partial day available, but did manage some work on the rudder cable fairings.
Carl Morgan