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Mon 17 January 2005

Dad continued with finishing the rudder cable fairing.
I decided to go with a little sleeving over the brake lines. I also finished cutting and fairing the lines and fuel vent lines.
Dad worked on canopy latch or more specifically the skin. Some of the corners were squared and the latch was smoothed. The punched 1/8" material has a slight bow which we continue to try and remove.
I now understand why the fuel vent line should have a forward bend on the aft rise. The fore-deck panel doesn't fit, rather than trying to re-do the whole fuel line I trimmed the panel.
As part of the preparation for the instruments, I want to provide a level / true platform. I carefully marked and drilled several locations for nutplates.
The rest of the afternoon was spent setting up the forward deck. I also cleaned / smooth the weather sill platform.
Carl Morgan