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Wed 24 August 2005

I continued with the quadrant mounting thoughts and planning. Using a bit of scrap I mocked up the bracket I was planning on adding to the vertical covers. This was the best position we could find.
It is high enough to not catch the legs, lower enough to miss the canopy latch and the right distance away from the shoulder to not end up twisting. It is another one of those - "I think this is right - but I won't know until after X hours flying it". Looks about right.
Then it was transpose the design onto the covers and get everything lined up.
The finished result. Rock solid and looks good - the switch bar plates also seem to line up nicely (nice coincidence huh? :-) and will provide a solid fixing for the Bowden cables.
Mean while Dad sorted the rudder cable fairings, we shot the rivets and then he fixed the clamps and tubing.
I think de-rigged the panel / cockpit forward structure to rivet the weather seal support on the left and right ribs.
After having some problems with the left side I decided a better approach was to do it in situ - this reduces the twisting / warping of the ribs. Also be aware - the highest / inboard rivet will bend the rib out of shape if you use a squeezer on it - don't ask how I know.
Carl Morgan