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Mon 29 August 2005

I got phone call at 7:30am this morning to say my engine was just up the road and ready for delivery. After a moment to get up off the floor, I got outside and cleared a space for the new addition.
The shipment came in two boxes, the main engine (foreground) and a second auxilerary box with harnesses, manuals, FADEC parts, filters etc.
The actual engine has a plastic cover over it - not sealed, just stops it getting soaked in rain I guess.
The engine is mounted on the bottom engine mounts plus 2 prop bolt locations. This provides a good shipping configuration, but also provides good access around the engine before it gets mounted. Lots of sorting and organising engine information, and a quick review of the manuals.
Then it was back to the canopy frame. This is one of the two wedges that go below the C-613 brace between the canopy fwd frame and side rails.
I drilled the rear rib / rail locations out to #30s and did some finishing / edge tidying.
Then re-installed the frame / rails and ribs.
Carl Morgan