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Thu 08 September 2005

First part of the day was bring Dad back up to speed with the current status of things. Then I went on to drill some of the side skirt / rails for the canopy. At this point only #41 drills used and I've kept the overhang at point.
Then with a second pair of hands around we started looking at the engine mounting / spacing.
For those that get a Mattituck shipped engine (sensible people) the trick to getting the rear / lower bolts out is to raise the nose to unload the steel supports. Otherwise it is very difficult.
After a bit of juggling we got the oil filter and governor line in. There is more space than I expected, however I suspect it will be pretty tight by the time we are finished.
Some various photos for the rear space with the baffles. From the upper RHS.
Behind from above.
RHS side view.
Then we started looking again at the FADEC harness. Current thinking is to put the ECU's low and in the outboard corners - one each side. It appears the only really tight issue could be the fuel presure sensors (which connect to the spider) - more investigation needed.
We parked the engine back on the stand before leaving for the day. I think probably the next step will be to mount the engine to the frame and then put the frame on and off the fuselage.
Also spent some time researching and planning the electrical system and panel layout - more CAD work but things are begining to take shape. 
Carl Morgan