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Sat 10 September 2005

Re-visited the engine mount bolts. The top bolts / nuts weren't in a position that the locking split pin was going to work. Therefore an extra washer (2 in total) was added to both locations. We also reviewed the SD-20 secondary alternator mounting and governor mounting. One problem is the studs for the governor mounting don't seem to have the right thread on them.
Then I excepted that the cowl was needed. I empty the top surface of the box and used the chance to re-organise some of the parts.
Much of the storage space on the upper shelves was only partially used, so some consolodation and re-allocation was called for.
Dad then help extract the cowls out of the shipping create.
The VANs cowls out of the box don't seem to be a very good match. Particually around the inlets, I think I've read of people heating and re-shaping the cowl, but I need to confrim first.....
The lower cowl fits pretty well, and the advantage of not having the nose / main gear installed is that a slot doesn't have to be cut until the mounting is sorted.

Short day as other domestic things needed to be completed. Weather is also improving so hopefully some spraying might be possible in the next couple of weeks.

Carl Morgan