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Mon 12 September 2005

First up for me was the alternator support. It needs a joggle of about 3/8" - I over cooked it, but corrected the bar without too much difficulty
The alignment of the support now looks great, however the rotatation isn't enough to be useful. A couple of options exisit - trim the AL mount or the steel bracket. I suspect it is the bracket that needs 'tweaking' but I'll check before destroying anything.
As our prop won't be here for a few weeks yet and several things are waiting on the cowls, I've decided to go with the spacer option. I know what prop combination we will be getting and VANs state that a 2 1/4" spacer is needed. I used 3x 1" OD plastic tubing spacers.
Also checked it was even distance around the whole fly wheel - no problems.
Dad sorted some of the oil fittings and continued with a 'dummy' firewall which will hopefully allow us to experiment with the locations of the ECUs / Battery boxes / other components and get a combination that works. Removing / installing the engine back on to the fuselage is really simple and this system looks like it is going to work well.
You can see how the governor arm rotates outwards and the need for the cut out in the firewall.
I sorted the exhausts, the #3 'dent' I worked out with a piece of turned steel stock and used it as a plug to re-shape the offending item. The mounting was pretty simple, only finger tight at this point but good for laying out all the components.
Then cleaned up the various parts for the heat exchanger muff - lots of sharp S/S bits, just takes time. I installed / tested it on the RHS pipe, not sure if it will stay there long term (might move to the front cross pipe) but OK for the moment.
Finished the day getting very confused with regard to the exhaust mounts. If you think the baffles are drawn by a 5 year old, the exhaust mount instructions are by the younger sibling! They are awful and don't provide much useful information. Also the websites seem to struggle to provide the 'location' type information. I'll do some more research and I'll get it sorted, but I don't really know what I'm aiming for at the moment.
Carl Morgan