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Fri 16 September 2005

The first few hours were spent continuing the oil cover. I made 3 shims - a .020 for the flap it self and .032 & .040 for the cowl side. This brings the top of the hinge flush with the cowl surface. Note: I think the new cowls don't match the drawings, the cowl seems to be significantly thinner than the drawings expect.
Then it was back to the exhuast mounts. More frustration but this is the best I can currently come up with. Multiple angles to try and help anybody else in the future.
The sump mounts use different locations, the LHS is further aft, the RHS is the foremost sump nut. This provide two reasonably striaght lines for the vertical supports
The span support goes through the 'A' gear weldment and just infront of the engine mount bolts. I'll confirm this is a suitable solution once I get the engine back on the fuselage and present up the lower cowl.
Also managed to do some research / ordering for some West Epoxy products for the fibreglass work that is coming. Got a 'starter pack' and should be here next week. 
Carl Morgan