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Fri 14 October 2005

First up Dad sorted the mounting for the mini-baffle over the oil-cooler inlet. This is now fixed so the forward face can be used for the plenum side plate mounting.
Something that has been outstanding for a few weeks is the trimming of the canopy rear hoops.
The finished result - much better - everything now lays flat.
I continued with the frame, more twisting to reduce the need for the parts to be "pulled" into play and trimming of the front baffles to the curved profile.
Then I moved onto the top skin for the centre section. I made a rough cardboard template to start with and then went to AL .032" sheet. This may end up being a 'prototype' but we will see how right I can get it first time.
After sorting the rear and front centre locations various options on how / what to do next. The sheet doesn't really want to go into multiple different curves at the moment.
Lots of trimming and shaping of the front edge, fit, mark, trim, repeat......
Carl Morgan