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Mon 24 October 2005

For something completely different I worked mainly on the strobe pack mounting today. After reviewing the various options I picked the under baggage location. A few CAD revisions and then fabrication. Bending with some precisions (the gap between the ribs is 7 9/16") and pre-drilling for nutplate locations.
The location for the bracket on the P2 side. Finishing from here was just drilling out to #30s and cleaning up. Also sorted the stick boot covers and the bend needed in them.
Dad had a half day working on the arm rests. One of the things I've seen is RVs tend to be susceptible to have arm rests bend, particularly as 'non-owners' get in / out and step on the arm rest. I've seen a number of options, mainly around using a piece of angle / stiffener on the inboard edges. The solution that we are trying is to use another pair of arm rests switched from Left / Right side and a tie together strip. The outboard edge will also be riveted to the skin. This should make a box section which will be STRONG. "Side impact bars" - also it will hopefully provide a mount for holding things like the P2 stick when not in use.
This shows the location / principle in action. The upper rivets will be blind, more marking / drilling needed tomorrow.
Carl Morgan