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Mon 31 October 2005

The first major part of the day was spent clearing and cleaning the shed. We re-organised so that the main work bench was next to the door so that getting the canopy out into the sun for warming would be easy. Also we had to rationalise the storage for all the other parts to make space for the canopy plexiglass bubble. Then it was down with the bubble - lots of sand / dust from the 2 years storage.
Then it was setting the fuselage up for measuring the canopy fit. We started like this although I'm expecting to remove the rear upper fuselage skin (F-704) to make fitting a bit easier. The canopy frame is clamped in and aligned carefully.
The duct take to hold the sides in whilst being stored worked really well - I would recommend the same again.
This is the first rough line for the front cut. After more research on the various websites and studing the plans the key seems to be the front edge alignment. Everything else comes from that. The black is just forward of where the mould starts. I'm sleeping on it but this will be close to the first cut.
We also tried to work out the centre location at the front. Not simple. I think we have got close but will have to wait until it is on the fuse to be able to really tell.
Carl Morgan