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Thu 17 November 2005

GRTDecode - Over the past couple of weeks I've been working on a utility to decode the GRT EFIS log files to XML so that information can be extracted and used as desired. Today I've released it to the wild and published links on the GRT Yahoo group and vansairforce boards. Details can be found here 
As an easy start to getting going today we pottered around with a number of small buts. I sorted some ordering and tidied. Before moving the fuse a tie down locations was drilled
Then we could move the fuselage to the center of the shed which allows the wings and empennage to be mounted if needed. Also a bit more working space in general was freed up.
I went back with a fresh mind to the FADEC harness. The next step is to break up the bundling that AeroSance had provided. Careful un-wrapping and snipping to free the 'short' cables.
After some time I think we are getting to a better set of options. It may be a combination of simple elbows and extensions for some parts and re-bundling - I'm hopeful. It still annoying that no guidance on the 'standard' layout and the path that the cables 'should' take. It still doesn't fit, but I'm a little more confident that it can be re-organised. I also decided to make more detailed notes - hopefully someone in the future won't have to go through the same pain.
Carl Morgan