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Fri 25 November 2005

Dad continued with the trim tab dimpling and countersinking as needed. I did another side of sanding micro-balloons on one of the elevators.
Late morning the delivery from VANs finally arrived. The new Hartzel prop box was bigish - lots of spare space - why VANs can't use this for packing for the international shipping beats me - and annoys me.
This was the main contents of the second box - lots of bits, including COM / VOR aerials, PC 680 batteries, push/pull quadrant controls etc. One note - the crotch strap attach kits have both the LHS & the RHS components. I got two kits so have a complete spare set!
Of course, after deliver then comes inventorying. Lots of little plastic bags of 'stuff'. As per usual very accurate - everything accounted for.
Also included were a VANS (falcon) Altimeter and a VANS (UMA) Air speed indicator. This will be two of the backup instruments.
Then back to finishing the trim tab.
This is a close up of the end half-rib that we added.
And the hinge bracket on the elevator - end result looks good
After inventory / clean up I starting looking at the second battery box among other things - action reply of the first. Note the new computer filled / printed 'brown bag' from VANs - really good except they continue to mix AD3-3 and AD3-3.5 in the SAME bag.......
Also cleaned / deburred the 5th pt harness mounting. One difference is the default layout isn't going to work with the Hooker harnesses that we have - the standard gap is 1/8" - we need about 7/16" - some thought needed.
Carl Morgan