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Thu 08 December 2005

Returning to the cowl, we finished prep'ing and drilling the lower cowl side hinges.
and riveted the hinge on. A layer of resin / silca provides a 'glues / bedding compound' that was filleted along the lower edge and cleaned around the hinge hoops. Once this has cured we should be able to hold the two halves of the cowl together very tightly and complete final alignment / fitting of the rear edge.
Dad continued with the spinner this afternoon. One observation - the front 4 AN4 bolts aren't 'square' with the prop - not a big problem but worth marking the join NOW, so after hub maintenance (whenever that is) we have a chance of the spinner fitting again.
With the temperature not great (and even some rain around) we flagged the canopy work for today and I went searching for other things. One item in the last VANs order was some push/pull controls for the quadrant. It looks like the mounting location should work OK, but the AL angle I had wasn't big enough. New revisions being worked on - all custom design - so takes a bit longer.
Also got a little delivery from Nuplex in Christchurch including some black pigment plus some light weight glass (2oz / m2). 
Carl Morgan