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Mon 09 January 2006

Continuing with the HS I drilled and marked up the tips,
and trimmed the excess material.
Dad spent most of the day working on the empennage fairing and covers. Lots of reading and marking up ready for drilling out of locations / trimming.
We also mounted the elevators and rudder control surfaces.
One area that Dad notices was the 'excess' material on the vertical bars that the rear HS spar attaches to. No trimming completed at this point, but a good candidate to reduce aft weight and help fairings fit.
I spent most of the afternoon sorting the VOR antenna mounting, after various options I decided to try a single U shaped ledge. After some careful measuring and designing I ended up fabricating a shelf from a piece of .032 sheet.
This is the result. The clearance is about 1/4" to the counter balance and well clear of the skin.
To finish the evening, I completed the riveting of the side skirts.
Carl Morgan