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Mon 23 January 2006

Dad finished most of the empennage fairing stuff today - more sanding and filing. Some surface prep will be the next step, but otherwise 90% done.
I continued with the cowl surface work.
The LHS is now 'done' at least until I've matched the lower cowl to the sides and decided on how I'm going to sort the inlets. I got tired / bored of sanding so went onto 'anything' else.
We installed the canopy frame and starting looking at the lines for the fibreglass work. One thing we tried was lighting the inside of the cockpit and using the forward canopy skin to get an upper line for the glass. This worked well for the middle 2/3rds but the outer edges didn't really make it.
This was the 'best guess', but it is difficult to balance the two sides.
This is the RHS.
This is the LHS - is it the same profile? Well after measurements the LHS is about 1/2" higher!
After lots of measurements and re-laying of masking tape, this is the best I can come up with. Tomorrow I'll recheck before we start scuffing / prepping for the resin / fibreglass.
Also sorted the forward line, this is approximately 2 1/4" down from the fibreglass upper edge.
Carl Morgan