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Thu 09 February 2006

Yet another half day with the morning taken doing household things. One extra was I managed to find some good microswitches that can be used for the flap limit switches. 
First up we glued and riveted the cowl plates together - the Araldite epoxy was used to help the thin corner bond - not structural but needed.
The Pro-Seal masking tape principle was used again to remove excess compound.
And a clamp to hold everything whilst it cured.
Then I went onto making some new inlets out of 025 sheet. This is the result of a couple of hours of hassle - getting a tight tube with the holes in the right place is not that simple. I also had to work a drawing development of a curve for the 1/2" difference between top and bottom locations to help slope the inlet upwards slightly.
Once the basic tube was done, it was cut in half and profiled for the sloped edge.
The after riveting result - came out really well. You can see the sloped front on the right hand side, this is good and flat and I can still use the plastic tube as a forma for holding and positioning.
The new inlets just popped in really nicely to the inlet locations - tomorrow I'll sort some tabs to hold it still whilst I glass it in permanently.
The time Dad wasn't helping me hold / curse / bend the inlets, he went round sorting some of the #8 single legged nutplates. We are running out (AGAIN) so the Spruce order will have a handful of these.
Carl Morgan