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Fri 10 February 2006

Dad continued with fuselage / cockpit work. Various locations were drilled out for snap bushes. We are trying to 'guess' where cables and lines will need to go and pre-provision access.
Some of the locations are more tricky. Some of the guessing is rather frustrating - mainly due to the delays in the avionics orders as that will have all the wire and connectors also.
I sorted a couple of locations per side for joining the plates between the upper and lower cowl halves.
More preparation and alignment - a bit more trimming / sanding also.
Then onto the resin work, mainly flox (silica mix) to provide a bed around the tubes.
The idea is to get it in a fixed position so that the rest of the glass work can then be laid up later. Generally seemed to work OK - now I need to leave it for a couple of days to let it cure properly.
To finish the day I looked at some of the canopy latch mechanism. The angle bracket mounts don't have any protection between the moving surfaces which I don't like much. I ended up using some of the UHWM tape that I got from VANs. It is VERY sticky, but clear and thin - seems to work well.
We seem to be short of a few non-A (with hole in the thread) bolts needed for the latch system - more bits for the shopping list.
This was the last step for the day, threading a piece of conduit from the baggage bulkhead to the rear section - this should provide support and protection for the aft wires - probably overkill but will help with reducing the amount of time laying in the rear section of the fuselage.
Carl Morgan