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Tue 14 February 2006

On my own today - first couple of hours was spent thinking / laying out options and more thinking about routes for coax, power and pneumatic lines. Lots of 'if we do this, that solves A, but B & C then don't work' - repeat with a different combination of A, B and C.
Then wanting to make some progress on something, I re-mounted the elevators and did some more sanding / shaping.
With a large batch of micro-balloons / resin filled the tip lines with the two parts together. Once I've got a nice single shape, I'll split the elevators back off. The HS tips need trimming anyway for the 1/8" clearance.
Then onto the floor pans. One of the comments I've had from multiple other builders / owners is during maintenance if the forward floor panels are out, it is easy to kneel / bend the forward edge of the fixed floor. Therefore I'm hoping to stiffen the front edge with some scrap J section.
First problem was cutting the J section, snips, band saw and hack saw just ended up trashing the ends. The best solution I came up with was the die grinder - this was quick and neat with just some deburring needed.
A started measuring everything carefully, but ended up just eye-balling the position and marking a 3/4" gap for each of the floor ribs.
After dinner I fiddled with a new spring catch for the canopy release. The standard bit of bent wire plus spring doesn't look great and doesn't fit that well either. So trying something a little different I tried milling a 1/8" slot in a piece of AL stock.
This was then turned down in the lathe. The problem was with the slot it caught on the tool and generated this mess.
The second attempt was more successful. I turned the outer side down first, then created the slot and finally turned the aft end. The center has been drilled at 2mm and I'll wait until we get a 2mm die and tap to thread the rod onto it. I'll probably cross drill and tap the holding pin, but will need to find a small screw first.
Carl Morgan