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Wed 15 February 2006

Half day for just me on the project. Starting on the resin work from yesterday, the peel-ply left a reasonably good surface.
Then onto sanding. Upper surfaces of both sides were done with 60 grit and then 100 wet and dry.
Most of the shape is pretty good, but more is needed in some places - another batch of micro-balloons....
Then back to the floor pan stiffeners. The original intention was for the "J" to go aftwards but this leaves a 'barb' going aft which I didn't much like and the very front edge didn't seem to be getting that much extra support..
Therefore I flipped the parts around and re-trimmed for the floor ribs.
After re-fitting I realised the two locations just aft of the crotch strap attach point where going to be too tight. Therefore 3 face forwards and 1 aft per side is what I finished with.
The last hour or so was spent on the cowl, doing some clean up on the lower half and shaping on the upper. Not quite done but progress.
Carl Morgan