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Thu 16 February 2006

First up - more sanding..... Got both sides upper surface to a reasonable finish - good enough for now - EP spray filler will probably be next, then hand rub down.
Before de-rigging the HS, we put the rudder on to check the VOR antenna clearance - no problems.
and the rudder stops - although I made them slightly oversize, the RHS is still rather tight. The slight left bias of the VS seems to be enough to reduce the clearance so I'll need to sort a new one at some point.
Misc delivery of 'snake skin' braided sleeving and the 2.5mm tap / dies from Blackwood / Packels in Dunedin - good service, fast delivery.
Dad sorted the #6 tapping on the rear longerons ready for the fairing. Not much material to tap in places but should be OK.
Then setup and matched the cockpit side rails and arm rest ready for pop-rivetting. The canopy latch spring location was also drilled.
With the new dye available I finished the custom spring assembly.
The end result - I'll need to sort a new pivot screw and probably a new shorter spring. The shipped one works - but it is almost a two handed job to move the catch lever....
Then just for a change - more sanding and resin work. I fliped the HS / elevator combo over and started on the lower surfaces. Main sanding was the HS tips from the original flox / fill.
Then a thickish batch of micro-balloons and light smoothing. Tomorrow - more sanding!
Carl Morgan