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Fri 17 February 2006

Started off sanding down the lower surface of the elevator / HS. The final profile looks good, with the elevator in-trail the transition between the HS and control surface is very smooth. At this point however the two parts are still joined - not very useful as an elevator!
I used a pad saw plus knife to work along the original gap and then removed the hinge bolts - two parts came away neatly - then lots of edge tidying. I'll need to remove more of the HS tips at some point to get the 1/8" clearance, but I'll wait until I've done the work on the elevator counter weights. Surface wise it is probably ready of EP filler / primer.
Dad spent most of the day in the cockpit areas. Some of the original interior paint spraying didn't work that well and needed to be cleaned and rub down again.
The side cover plates for the spar bulkheads were pop-rivetted in.
and the arm rest stiffeners were popped on the upper line and squeezed at the back.
The side skin locations were shot / bucked OK and the resulting arm rests are real sturdy - a recommended solution if you want it.
One of the strange things with the second QB fuselage were some of the oddities. Whilst the Czech lads seem to be fairly uniform on what is done / not done, the Philippines lads seem to be a little schizophrenic - one side of the fuselage has the upper rivets missing.
The other has them installed. I have no idea why they wouldn't do the same on both sides. I'm guessing the slider might need something slightly different to the tip-up, but not side to side. We had to sort a creative bucking bar to do these locations but not too bad otherwise.
Whilst we were in the bucking mood, we also sorted the forward rivets. The skin closed up significantly to the longeron during the process.
Carl Morgan