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Mon 20 February 2006

On my own today with Dad doing the social thing. The seat back resets were first up, no problems although it makes sense to squeeze the aft rivets before the top.
A bit more cowl clean up / trimming - this is the top half.
Started work on the axe bracket for the P1 arm rest.
Dad got back late afternoon and we got stuck into a large ProSeal session. I finished the masking of the center section - this is where any fuel spills doing maintenance of the high pressure pump filter will go and I want to try and contain it.
We finished up the old ProSeal tins, a huge batch.
I started with the AOA ports on the right wing.
I still haven't got the #4 screws / nuts so the custom drain affixing will have to wait.
Dad gooped up the first step with a thick layer.
Meanwhile I started laying a bead along the wing root, this is a recommendation I've seen from other builders to help stop rain / water driving into the cockpit area.
The remaining Pro-Seal was used to fix the various pieces of conduit.
With the limited working time of the Pro-Seal we just cleco'd the steps on and moved on.
it provides a 'soft' clamp as it goes through a metal 'rib'
The center floor section went well and the forward corners well 'covered'.
The bucking was the normal deal of me driving the gun and Dad doing the bucking bar.
The masking tape worked really well again - the excess is removed and the thixotropic nature of the ProSeal provides a smooth finish.
The wing root worked well too.
Carl Morgan